With qualified and experienced staff and access to a variety of mine specification plant and equipment, we have the capability to provide a wide range of consulting and contracting services for your next project


Reporting and advice

Global Soil Systems is experienced in providing a wide range of environmental reports and audits and regularly work across mine and industrial sites throughout the Hunter Valley, greater NSW and QLD.

Specialising in everything from revegetation, weed management and soils to erosion and site stability, the team provides practical, realistic and cost effective solutions and advice.


Seed Collection and Supply

Global Soil Systems specialise in the collection and supply of viable tree, shrub, ground cover and grass seeds that have been treated to ensure optimum germination.

We can also provide advice on species selection and sowing rates to ensure that your project has the best chance of success, and meets any regulatory and project requirements.


Aerial Seeding

In the late 1990’s Global Soil Systems first trialled aerial seeding with a helicopter as a means of direct seeding on a mine site in the western coalfields of NSW with great success. Aerial seeding was a natural progression for Global Soil Systems as we continue to look for safe, economical and effective techniques for large scale direct seeding of native trees, shrubs and grasses on disturbed sites. Since then we have continued to refine our techniques and have now seeded thousands of hectares of rehabilitation on mine sites across NSW.

There are many benefits to aerial seeding over traditional methods such as ground machinery or manually spreading seed by hand:

  • Safe – eliminates the need to put people and machinery on steep slopes.
  • Cost effective – while small areas can be aerial seeded, real savings are achieved when seeding larger areas.
  • Fast and efficient – due to the speed and carrying capacity of a helicopter, large areas can be seeded quickly and with ease.
  • Even coverage – our helicopters use GPS tracking systems to ensure a good, even coverage across the site.
  • Access – difficult to access sites or steep and rough terrain can easily be reached and seeded by air.
  • No site disturbance – the ground is left undisturbed minimising the chances of erosion often caused by more traditional methods using ground machinery.

Upon undertaking an aerial project, Global Soil Systems will work with the client to develop a detailed project plan and will provide all the necessary safety documentation and insurances to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the project.

Global Soil Systems engages a fully accredited, CASA approved and licenced operator to facilitate our aerial seeding operations. With robust safety procedures and systems in place, as well as a comprehensive risk management framework, we ensure that the safety of personnel is first and foremost in any operation.

Our experienced pilots and ground crew specialise in agricultural work including seeding, fertilizing, herbiciding and dust suppression. All personnel have the relevant training, qualifications and experience to successfully complete a range of projects on mine sites and have extensive experience working within the relevant safety guidelines of many of the large mining companies operating across Australia.

Not only do we offer direct seeding of native vegetation across rehabilitation areas by air, we can also complete a range of projects including:

  • Fertilizing – application of fertilizer over rehabilitation and pasture areas.
  • Dust suppression – utilizing pasture grasses or polymer compounds on tailings dams and overburden stockpiles.
  • Pasture development – seeding of large pasture areas suitable for grazing.
  • Herbiciding – targeted herbiciding in sensitive areas or broad acre weed spraying.

Direct Seeding

Global Soil Systems has pioneered new methods in large scale direct seeding in rugged environments, utilising ground machinery as well as aerial seeding via helicopter.

Where access is restricted, the terrain is too rough or an area is too small to seed by air, seed can be spread manually by our team. This ensures a good, even cover across the area which facilitates high germination rates.

Since its foundation in 1994, Global Soil Systems have helped establish millions of trees over thousands of hectares on mining and industrial sites across Australia and internationally.


Tree Planting

Global Soil Systems can accommodate your tree planting requirements on mining and industrial sites, biodiversity offsets as well as privately owned land.

We specialise in providing an end to end planting service, including local provenance seed collection, plant propagation, planting as well as follow up watering and maintenance if required. We also offer advice on species selection, appropriate planting methods and site preparation in order to give your project the best chance of success.

Projects can range from visual mitigation screens and riparian area restoration through to carbon offsets and large broad acre plantings across rehabilitated areas.  With a dedicated team of planters, we have the capability to plant over 10,000 trees per day. This helps reduce both the cost and time required to complete your tree planting project.


Weed Control

Global Soil Systems specialise in weed control in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our team is qualified in chemical handling and application, and trained in plant identification. This helps to ensure that only weed species are targeted using the appropriate herbicide and technique, leaving desired species to flourish.


Dust Suppression

Global Soil Systems provide environmentally responsible solutions for effective dust abatement, erosion and sediment control, soil stabilization and water conservation. This allows for cleaner air and water runoff and in turn a safer environment for workers and nearby residents.

With an experienced team and access to a variety of products and equipment, we can quickly assess your needs and provide a tailored solution to your problem.


Erosion Control


Hydromulch is the most cost-effective erosion control and rehabilitation method available. The hydromuclhing process involves mixing seed and fertilizer with heat treated pine, water and polymer binder. The mix is then sprayed under pressure onto a prepared area to create a stable environment for seed germination and sustained regrowth.

Our specially formulated wood fibre provides at least 50% greater water uptake, stimulating rapid germination and uniform coverage. For each hydromulch project we also precisely calibrate the product rate specifications to ensure the right amount of mulch is applied; reducing erosion, maximizing seed germination, and giving your hydromulch project the best chance of success.

In order to encourage biodiversity, we can provide tailored seed mixes for specific sites, combining native seeds and annual grasses. This will ensure a resilient cover of the right vegetation is produced, so that the site reintegrates progressively with the surrounding environment.

Global Soil Systems can provide long term slope stabilization by installing a range of erosion matting that offers superior erosion control.

Water management and movement can cause issues on many sites. In order to assist site stabilization, we can supply and install jute mesh, Enkamat, sediment matting, organic fibre matting and coir logs. These are often used in drainage systems with high velocity of flow, batters exceeding 1:1 and swale drains, and greatly reduce the chances of erosion.

Global Soil Systems specialize in straw mulching; an extremely efficient erosion control technique commonly used on mine sites and other disturbed land.

Straw mulching is the process of applying a layer of straw over the top of previously seeded areas. A bitumen emulsion is then applied on top of the straw, binding it together and providing protection from adverse weather conditions. This provides an optimal environment for seed to germinate.


Post Bushfire Erosion & Sediment Control

Although a natural process which helps to maintain the diversity and survival of many species of plants, fire can also leave the land and waterways susceptible to significant soil loss and erosion.

Areas affected most are those that have seen high intensity bushfires leaving little or no vegetation cover. Steep slopes, gullies, riparian zones or areas highly exposed to wind or rain are of most concern where sheet and gully erosion can lead to large amounts of soil loss, making its way into nearby streams and waterways.

While the best long-term protection against soil loss is vegetation cover, interim erosion and sediment controls can assist the recovery process, maintaining topsoil, reducing erosion, allowing water infiltration and creating habitat for local wildlife.

Global Soil Systems has experience in the installation of a range of erosion and sediment control techniques such as jute mesh, sediment matting, organic fibre matting, coir logs, straw bales as well as sediment fences. They are also experienced in using materials found onsite such as fallen logs and debris. Where the potential for natural regeneration is limited, hydromulching and tree planting can also be viable options to increase ground cover as well as the diversity of mid storey and canopy species.

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