Centenntial Coal

Charbon Coal Mine Rehabilitation

Global Soil Systems was engaged by Centennial Coal in 2006 to assist with the revegetation of its Charbon coal operation located in the western coalfields near Kandos.

Working with the environmental team at Charbon, Global Soil Systems tailored a native tree, shrub and grass species mix based on the local EEC and suitable for growth on the sometimes poor subsoils and rocky overburden terrain.

Large quantities of seed were required to complete the areas planned for seeding. Our forward planning proved to be beneficial with our collection team playing an important part in ensuring the right species was collected when seed became available. It also ensured the right quantities were available for use in the seed mix to achieve the desired levels of germination.

With large areas to be rehabilitated, steep slopes and somewhat difficult access, it was decided that the safest, most cost effective and desirable outcome would be achieved through aerial seeding via helicopter. Global Soils Systems managed the process engaging a fully accredited and approved specialist with specific mine and agricultural experience.

Since 2006 we have been involved in the revegetation of more than 240 hectares of native forest at Charbon, enhancing habitat for local fauna and ensuring Centennial Coal meets regulatory requirements in terms of site rehabilitation.