Baal Bone Colliery Coal Mine Rehabilitation

Global Soil Systems was identified as Glencore’s preferred contractor to to deliver rehabilitation and revegetation across Baal Bone Colliery, located 130km from Sydney in the western coalfields of NSW. GSS have worked on Glencore sites for many years having cultivated a strong working relationship. 

The coal mine was established in 1983, operating as an underground and open-cut coal mine before transitioning into a Glencore employee training facility from 2012–18. In 2019 the site transitioned to mine closure works.

GSS revegetated over 100 hectares of land, including direct-seeding over 55 hectares of native woodland and hydromulching more than eight hectares of steep slopes and batters. The scope also involved propagation, planting and maintenance of 12,000 tubestock across the site, including 1300 endangered capertee stringybark trees. Associated works such as cultivation, deep ripping, amelioration, and hydromulching were also delivered by the GSS team.

“They kept in contact with us from the get-go and are more than happy to come back and deal with any problems if they arise,” – Mark Bulkeley, Glencore